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Interview with Ken Weliever

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We caught up with traveling evangelist and blog writer Ken Weliever to talk about his work in leading others to Christ. 44 states and 10 countries in 26 months means there is a lot for us to discuss.

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Name: Ken Weliever

Key Takeaways from This Episode:

  • There is ALWAYS value we can add to the Lord’s work.
  • Before you start teaching, find out where the student is in their faith. Meet them there.
  • Let students ask questions that are important to them.
  • If we focus on helping others find their joy in Christ, we will never lose our joy in the process of leading them there.
  • People matter to God, so people should matter to you!


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  • Loved the interview with Ken Weliever. He and Norma are so special to me. It has been so wonderful to watch their journey as they travel and lead people to Christ. They leave behind them grateful folks who love and miss them, but wish them well as they go forward.

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