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Interview with Andy Cantrell

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In this episode, evangelist Andy Cantrell shares how a personal tragedy at a young age has allowed him to connect with others and care about souls.

Guest Bio

Name: Andy Cantrell
Church: Northwest church of Christ, New Hope, MN

Key Takeaways from This Episode:

  • Be thoughtful about the questions you ask people by being prepared to show you care with your response.
  • The gospel is so powerful to change lives you never thought would change.
  • Evangelism is not the work we do. It’s the work God does when we are Christians.


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  • Thanks for this, Dan. Since is down for a bit, my daily bible study hasn’t been as beneficial as it is when I can listen and copy Scripture. Andy’s ABCs on FB are just what I needed! Also, if you know of any sites that post discussions of Bible books, verses at a time, I’d love to have the links!

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