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We need your support to help lead others to Christ!

We are so thankful you found us.  It’s our mission to live out the great commission to seek and save the lost.  We appreciate your interest in spiritual things as well.

So many Christians are needing encouragement and tools to be able to do their part in reaching out to others in their communities.  It’s why churches are shrinking and many are closing their doors.  We need to help these local bodies of believers understand that they can reach out and be effective in leading others to Christ and growing their local congregation.  And you can help us with this work.

Our goal is to provide our weekend evangelism series to 50 faithful congregations across the U.S. to teach them the skills they need to reach others in their communities.  As you can imagine, the churches that need the help the most are the ones who can’t afford the series.  This is where you can help.

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