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Interview with Kerry Keenan

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Temple Terrace church of Christ Evangelist, Kerry Keenan shares a key to the growth they’ve experienced there in their congregation as well as why he is so motivated to lead others to Christ.

Guest Bio

Name: Kerry Keenan
Congregation: Temple Terrace church of Christ, Charleston, SC

Key Action Items from This Podcast

  • We must be practicing “congregational evangelism.”
  • Kerry shared his 5-step process: light, salt, connect, envelope, and mentor.
  • It all starts with “laying the truth in someone’s lap and making them do something about it.”
  • If you want to learn how to lead others to Christ, you must 1.) spend time with others who are doing and and 2.) just go do it yourself.

To reach Kerry, call him at kerrykeenan at

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