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Interview with Benjamin Lee

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Evangelist, Benjamin Lee shares his heart for evangelism in this first episode of Leading Others to Christ. Host Dan Barker and Brother Benjamin discuss what often becomes stumbling blocks for Christians today and simple steps each person can take to care for others and share the gospel. Remember… it’s not rocket science.

Guest Bio

Name: Benjamin Lee
Congregation: West Main church of Christ, Lewisville, TX

Key Action Items from This Podcast

  • Implement the 5-minute rule in your congregation.
  • Consider printed invitation cards to hand out.
  • Be intentional about greeting / welcoming visitors. Remember, visitors are like “fish jumping in the boat.”
  • Ask visitors if they would be interested in a study.

Benjamin’s Evangelism Workbooks

It’s Not Rocket Science
Getting to Know Jesus

To encourage Brother Lee, reach out to him at leebenjam at gmail dot com or visit and

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1 comment
  • Thanks for this series.
    It is very helpful.
    The men here in Folsom, CA meet for a breakfast meeting on the first Saturday if each month, and have been talking evangelism during the COVID-19 challenges. I shared several of these with the guys and they may contact you.
    Alyce and I moved in September here from Vacaville, CA where I preached for 35+ years and served 25 years as one on the Overseers. Our boys wanted us closer to them as we age and decline, so I am “retired” from those routines and location, but still able to reach and preach as is useful, so I wanted to help the men on that breakfast group, along with others.
    Tyler Wade, Dennis Wade, Jerry Deschler, Jack Horack and others may connect with you, as well as the six Overseers that we enjoy.
    Thanks for all you do for the LORD, His people and His cause.

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